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TIME: 11 AM ET- 1:30 PM ET

PRESENTER: Agustin De La Mora

Available CEUs:  MO, NC, OR, PA, TN, WI – 2.5

About the Webinar:

Homework! Are you kidding?


Are you frustrated? Do you feel stuck? Do you want to “get better” but have not succeeded even though you are working very hard at it? Have you tried unsuccessfully to pass the certification exam in spite of your best efforts? Then this presentation is for you. Come join us in a fast-paced interactive trip to help you get over the hump. Find out how a simple change of paradigm will propel you to new levels of performance And yes, perhaps happiness. This is skill-building  language-neutral seminar for

ONLY $35


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About Presenter:

Agustín Servin de la Mora is the President and founder of DE LA MORA Interpreter Training. He was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, and has been a professional interpreter for over 26 years, both as a freelance and staff interpreter. Mr. de la Mora was the Lead Interpreter for the Ninth Judicial Circuit for over a decade, was a member of the Florida Court Interpreter Certification Board and a voting member of the Technical Committee of the Consortium for Language Access to the Courts. He has been consulting for the NCSC for over 15 years as a trainer and subject matter expert. Mr. de la Mora has additionally served as a rater and training faculty for the rating of a nationally recognized interpreter assessment program.  Mr. de la Mora is certified by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts as a Federally Certified Court Interpreter. He is also a Certified Court interpreter by the Florida Court Interpreter Certification Board, and a Certified Medical Interpreter. He has been a consultant for the Administrative Offices of the State Courts, conducting orientation seminars and advanced skills workshops for interpreters in over 20 states. As a recognized professional in his field, he has been featured as a speaker and presenter in several national conventions, including the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, the American Translators Association, the National Association of State Court Administrators, the International Medical Interpreters Association, and the California Federation of Interpreters.