40 Hour Interpreter Training: A Review

40-hour self-paced court interpreting course has it all! Over the years, interpreter and instructor Agustin De La Mora has developed his own approach to improve interpreting skills based on Kohl”s learning theory and his own experience of decades of court interpreting. So, this very special course of his is a production of well-founded techniques, and he put his theoretical approach into practice so effectively, the course takers can grasp those techniques of three modes of interpreting, and apply to their interpreting immediately.  There are certain advantages of taking this course:

  1. It is self-paced so that the course takers can…

Links Interpreters Love: AMAZING Brains, Higher Demand for Interpreters, and a Language Learners Toolbox

LINKS INTERPRETERS LOVE is a monthly curated collection of articles, free resources, and industry-related goodies from various sources across the internet. A lot of good information can be found here, so feel free to read it, share it, and come back for more!


  • Check out the amazing brains of real-time interpreters!


  • As the demand increases in the US, the media begins to recognize how important Legal and HealthCare interpreters are.


  • eBay’s apology over Web interpret localization glitch.


Free Resources:

  • Great interpreter glossary of Legal Terminology from English to Spanish. This originated…

Links Interpreters Love: Never be Left Speechless

Never be Left Speechless


Not sure where to start when it comes to practicing simultaneous interpretation? Looking for practice relating to a specific subject? We’ve got you covered with these links to great simultaneous interpretation resources.

Here you can find simultaneous interpreting exercises in both English and Spanish for medical and legal interpretation. The audio is free, but you can also purchase the scripts used for a small fee.

This site has a library of notable speeches throughout American history from many speakers and on many topics. American Rhetoric features a “database of and index…

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