50 Hour Court Interpreting Program Beginning Soon!

STARTING April 2019


Our 50-hour Signature Court Interpreter Program for Spanish speakers is an all-encompassing, highly interactive course that will prepare you to begin your journey into the field of interpreting. If you need to prepare to take your certification exams and want to build your skills, it is time to sign up! Class will begin meeting on March 26th!
To find more information on pricing, scheduling, and registration, visit https://interpreter-training.com/signature-court-interpreter-program/

How to Become a Medical Interpreter


Hi everyone! As promised in our last video, “How to Become a Legal Interpreter”, we’ve also created a guide to becoming a medical interpreter. This video will outline the three main steps you must take to get certified.

To begin this process, you must attend 40 hours of mandatory medical interpreter training. Then, you will have to register to take the oral exam and provide proof of proficiency in the English language. Finally, you must take and pass these exams.

So how do you train and where do those 40 hours come from? DE LA MORA’s Signature Medical…

How to Become a Legal Interpreter



Where do I start? Where do I get certified? How do I get certified? What are the requirements? How do I navigate this government website? What does all of this mean? Do I have to take a test? How do I pass? What do I study? What do I do? How do I become an interpreter?

As you can see, if you want to become a legal interpreter, you probably have lots of questions. To many people, a straight answer seems hard to find in the age of information overload, which is why we are here to…

Freelance Interpreter Tips and Tricks




Hi everybody!
Have you ever considered becoming a freelance interpreter? If so, that’s great! It’s an exciting direction to take your career in, and in order to prepare you, we’ve asked a few of our online school instructors if they had any wisdom to impart on the matter. The following are pointers that will help you begin navigating the world of freelance interpreting:

1. Map out the location of the assignment, as well as the parking situation, and plan to arrive at the assignment at least 15 minutes before. If you arrive right on time,…

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