Date: THURSDAY May 23rd

Time: 6:00 pM- 8:30 PM EST

Ethics: The Interpreter’s Conundrum 


The job of the interpreter is a tough one. To be a great interpreter means to have humility, and to admit, when necessary, to making mistakes. This webinar  will discuss how to do so while still maintaining a professional reputation. How can we correct our mistakes on the record, or work as a team with another interpreter? We will discuss common issues that arise while interpreting in a legal setting, and how these issues can be professionally and ethically resolved.

 Athena Matilsky is a graduate of Rutgers University with a degree focusing in Spanish Interpretation and Translation. Through internship programs, specialized coursework and hours of self-study, she became a Certified Healthcare Interpreter, passed the NJ interpreting exams at the master level, and achieved certification as a Federal Court Interpreter. She was a full-time staff interpreter for the NJ judiciary in Trenton for three years and was also editor-in-chief of NAJIT’s publication, Proteus. Currently, she is adding French as her third language in order to pursue a Master’s degree in Conference Interpretation at Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She continues to freelance for the courts, and she tutors private clients on interpretation techniques. 


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In the Webinar Library this month (All Webinars are CEU Eligible):

  • Federal Terminology and Practice with Federally Certified, Ana Toro
  • Mental Health and Criminal Behavior with, Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza
  • Ethics: The Interpreters Conundrum with Medical and Legal Certified, Athena Matilsky

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