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This week:

How to practice interpreting? Stop interpreting

The key to becoming a better interpreter, as you have heard, is practice. Naturally, the best place to start is learning how to how to practice, and that doesn’t always involve interpreting itself. As this article explains, interpreting relies on some very specific skills that aren’t inherently learned by being bilingual. Practicing these skills properly can take, well, practice.

Interpreter Training Resources

Speaking of practice, this website offers links to many interpreter Training resources, with sections specifically covering practice, consecutive, simultaneous, note-taking, and more. With links to seminars, speeches, and courses, you’ll have no shortage of material to test your interpretation.

Tips and Tricks: Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting provides some unique challenges when compared to consecutive interpreting. This article will give you some tips on anticipation, decalage, and practice methods for this challenging form of interpretation.

Conference Interpreting – Tips for Beginners

Simultaneous interpreting can be found in court rooms, training sessions, conference halls, and more all across the world. This article specifically addresses the challenges beginners may face in conference interpreting. The author offers some practical advice as well as some tips that can help interpreters in any field.


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