Have you thought about private tutoring?

With personalized tutoring sessions you can go further in your personal education as an interpreter who is just starting out or already a professional in the field.  You will be able to focus on one or more topics and have a lesson plan carefully designed to suit your personal needs.

These sessions are ideal if you:

  • Need to prepare for an exam
  • Need to polish up on a specific mode of interpretation
  • Need to have a brief skill building refresher


The tutoring is conducted via a user-friendly online platform which allows for live instruction and meaningful interaction between the instructor and the student. So you can do this from anywhere in the world!


James W. Plunkett, III is a nationally-known interpreter instructor. He also trains new judges and court staff on how to work with court interpreters. He is certified by the AOUSC as a Spanish and English court interpreter. He is a rater for a national credentialing program for interpreters. He worked as a court interpreter for the 13th Judicial Circuit in Florida for seven years and became a senior interpreter there in 1998. He speaks and trains at state court interpreter programs nationwide and through online teaching platforms. He holds a BA degree in General Social Studies from Providence College.  He was raised in Lima, Peru. He also communicates in Portuguese, some French and basic American Sign Language.

Claudia E. Villalba, a graduate of Kean University, taught court interpretation at Rutgers University and Brookdale CC in the State of New Jersey where she worked for 10 years for the New Jersey Judiciary as a staff interpreter, and subsequently as the supervising court interpreter for the County of Middlesex where she also trained court interpreters. She has worked with the NCSC as a subject matter expert for over five years. She is currently the supervising court interpreter for the 7th Judicial Circuit in the State of Florida. She is certified by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts as a Federally Certified Court Interpreter. She is also a Certified Court interpreter by the Florida Court Interpreter Certification Board.


Dr. Lizbeth Mendoza is originally from Mexico City, where she received her M.D. from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Over the course of 13 years she has participated in different areas of Medicine including research, academics, and bilingual medical services as well as editing and translation of medical content. She is a Spanish Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI), freelance interpreter, and mentor for Medical interpreters. She is a member of the IMIA where she contributes actively as Vice-chair of the IMIA Colorado Chapter and Member of the Education Committee. She is an advocate for humanism, professionalism, continuing education and excellence in any healthcare practice, as well as of student-centered learning approaches, patient-centered practices, collaborative learning environments, and the Problem Based Learning methodology at any level of training or education.





Can I divide my one hour class into two separate halves? 

Yes. You can divide your one hour class into two sessions of half an hour each. But this option is only available to those who are paying for only one hour of instruction.

My friend and I would like to take the private class together, can we do that? 

Yes. But please be advised that both students will be charged separately.

I am looking to become certified and need the right training to get me there. Is a private tutor the right choice for me? 

We highly recommend that before you consider interpreter training you have already taken your state’s orientation and written exam. For more information on the right steps on how to become an interpreter click here. If you have already taken those steps, then we highly recommend  our (Live-Online classroom courses) because it is specially catered to beginners in the field. If you feel like private tutoring is your best option because of scheduling issues or your personal learning style,  we are happy to help you get there! simply fill out the questionnaire below to get started.