Links Interpreters Love: Never be Left Speechless

Never be Left Speechless


Not sure where to start when it comes to practicing simultaneous interpretation? Looking for practice relating to a specific subject? We’ve got you covered with these links to great simultaneous interpretation resources.

Here you can find simultaneous interpreting exercises in both English and Spanish for medical and legal interpretation. The audio is free, but you can also purchase the scripts used for a small fee.

This site has a library of notable speeches throughout American history from many speakers and on many topics. American Rhetoric features a “database of and index…

Bilingual? Become A Certified Court Interpreter in FL for less than $1,300.00. A step by step guide.

Hello future Interpreters,
This blog post is not about what a court interpreter does on a day to day but rather how to become court certified in the state Florida. As an interpreter training company we get plenty of phone calls from interested individuals who ask which steps they should be taking next. So here we are with an action plan for 2018- a guide to help you demystify the otherwise overwhelming court interpreter certification process.
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Word-by-Word vs. The Whole Idea

As I’ve been moving forward in my quest to become an interpreter, there is one issue that keeps flitting around my head: Why is it so hard to stop thinking word-by-word? Wouldn’t it be easier to get the whole idea first and then start interpreting from there?

The answer is yes. Agustin always brings up the importance of completely understanding what we hear and making sure we get the whole concept. There is clearly only one good way to do it: hear the whole idea first and then interpret.

I frequently make the mistake of following what the speaker is…

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