Come study with us from anywhere in the world! the DE LA MORA LIVE-Online School gives you the option to show up for class in your sweatpants. Interact with other students, talk to your instructor- basically all the benefits of a physical classroom at your fingertips. 

The famous DE LA MORA weekend workshops you can’t miss. From weekend workshops to 40 hour engagements, get ready to practice all modes of interpretation and learn directly from highly experienced instructors. Click below to check if we’re coming to your state. 


About Us

Founded in 1998 by Agustin de la Mora , who has been a professional interpreter for over 25 years, both as a freelance and staff interpreter. His passion for interpreting, teaching and his growing reputation set the foundation for what would become DE LA MORA Interpreter Training.

Mr. de la Mora believes that interpreting is a key service to our society. That interpreters close not only the linguistic but also the cultural divide between citizens and country. Because of this, we don’t think interpreting as just a job but an important career in a globalized society. 

The mission here at DE LA MORA Interpreter Training is simple:

To bring affordable and quality education backed by years of experience to individuals and organizations around the world. 

We do this through a live online school, In person training, interactive modules, consulting services and private tutoring options. 

Welcome to a school made of pixels and light, we are practically a paperless company, where the lessons you learn are very tangible indeed. 




  • live On-line sessions and in person training, simply choose the route that works best for you
  • Private Tutors to meet your learning style!
  • Become a member, be part of the community and save on all of our services!-Coming soon. 


  • We work with various organizations to create new lesson plans and training programs. 
  • we offer seminars for your staff interpreters and freelance our expertise to publishers, educators and individuals


  • Purchase one of our downloadable courses, study at your own pace and when you’re ready take a special test to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Legal Terminology with English and Spanish definitions-Coming Soon!

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